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Bay Of Plenty Regional Council Rates Collection Changes

27 May 2022
Rates Change

If you are a ratepayer, your Bay of Plenty Regional Council rates will no longer be invoiced by your city or district council. Instead, you will be invoiced by Bay of Plenty Regional Council, and you will pay your rates directly to them.

Your city/district rates invoicing, and rates collection process will remain unchanged. 

This change will not happen until the 2022-23 rating year.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council want to be more transparent and accountable for the work they do for you, which is why they’re making changes to how their rates are invoiced and paid in 2022.  

Ratepayers will receive one invoice from Bay of Plenty Regional Council late August –September 2022, which is due on 20 October. Make sure you take a look at their ways to pay, which might be different from your city or district council.   

If you already receive your city or district council invoice by email, they’ll send your regional council invoice by email too. 

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