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Working after 65

Are you considering remaining in work or seeking new work once you turn 65 and are eligible for superannuation? Retirement is now less likely to mean a sudden withdrawal from full-time paid work. How we understand life after 65 is changing; for many people it is time of new possibilities and opportunities.


Memory and Ageing

Mild memory loss affects everyone. While memory difficulties can be very frustrating, many of them are part of normal ageing and are not because of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.



Sometimes depression is mistakenly thought of as a natural part of growing old. Though depression can be an understandable reaction to loss, it is not an inevitable part of life in older age.

Depression can be prevented and effects can be minimised when it's recognised and treated appropriately.


Relationships in later life

Satisfying relationships, including intimate relationships, are important to the wellbeing of all people, including older people. In this section we look at some of the relationship issues you may face as you grow older. This series of articles has been produced by Age Concern New Zealand in partnership with Relationship Services.


Mobility Scooter Safety

This is a programme run by Age Concern, provides Safety and maintenance tips for the owners of Mobility Scooters.


Social Activities

We organise activities and events to help those who need healthy social contact. Our volunteers provide a positive and stimulating environment that encourages participation and creates renewed confidence, happiness and lasting relationships with both our volunteers and our elderly.