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Elder Abuse Response Service

I need help

Elder abuse thrives in secrecy. If you have concerns about how you are being treated, speak out.

If you are in danger call 111. Ask for the Police.

You have a right to feel safe

It is common to have mixed feelings about speaking up. Particularly when your abuser is someone you know and trust - a family member, friend or neighbour. Abusers are often someone that you depend on for support, or for care.

You have the right to feel safe. The Elder Abuse helpline will help you work through these issues and put you in touch with support services near where you live. This service is free, and completely confidential.

It is available all day, every day. Call 0800 32 668 65 (0800 EA NOT OK). Text 5032 or email

Education and Training

Age Concern Tauranga hosts on the last Thursday of the month an informative meeting with a diverse range of speakers and presenters.

Time: 10.00am - 11.00am

Where: Tauranga Citizens Club, 170 Thirteenth Avenue, Tauranag.

Cost: $4.00pp refreshments provided.

The monthly meeting is advertised in the "What's On" section in the local free paper and our monthly Newsletter.


CarFit is a programme that helps older drivers make the best use their vehicle's safety feature so that they can continue to drive safely and retain independent mobility for as long as possible.

It includes a 12 Point Check-Up of how well you personally "fit" your vehicle and provides related information and recommendations that can improve your driving safety.

CarFit is a voluntary community education programme which is FREE to drivers who want to take advantage of it.

Future dates and venues will be advertised in the local papers and our monthly Newsletter.

Mobility Scooter Club & Footpath Users

At these workshops, we discuss safety, rules and regulations, including looking at the Transport Agency's "Keeping Mobile" booklet, which gives information on the legality of scooters on roads or footpaths, as well as tips on safe use and sharing spaces with other users.

Future dates and venues will be advertised in the local paper and our monthly Newsletter.

Steady As You Go Falls Prevention Programme

Strength and Balance Classes

The gentle exercises used in the programme are based on those proven to reduce falls by Professor John Campbell and Dr Clare Robertson from the University of Otago.

The exercises are designed to improve balance, leg strength, general fitness and well-being. Participants warm up in a chair, followed by standing exercises, walking exercises and warm downs in a chair. A range of light ankle weights is used for the leg strengthening exercises and all participants are encouraged to work at their own pace and stop if they feel dizzy or lightheaded.

Go to Fitness Classes in and around Tauranga for classe locations or contact the Age Concern office Ph:  (07) 578 2631            E: for further information.

If you wish to register for a class you will need to contact the Age Concern office first Phone:  (07) 578 2631.

Wednesday Walking Group

We have a Weekly Walking Group every Wednesday morning run by our volunteer Renee.

All walks start at 10.00am unless stated otherwise.  There are different meeting points every week. Come and meet new people, get some fresh air as well as getting valuable exercise at the same time.  

Future dates and venues will be advertised in the local paper and our monthly Newsletter.


Social Activities

We organise activities and events to help those who need healthy social contact. Our volunteers provide a positive and stimulating environment that encourages participation and creates renewed confidence, happiness and lasting relationships with both our volunteers and our elderly.